Google Day!


I learnt:
Google sites
Extensions 2

My first one was Extensions 2 in that one we learnt to add a Adblock for youtube, 1 click timer, Google dictionary, Recently closed.How you add it is you go onto Chrome web store then chose one from it and write it in the search box and press Add to Chrome with blue highlighted over the writing.

My second was Google sites we Learnt lots of skill to make our google site better like making our sites public.

SOS Philippine crocdile


SOS Philippine Crocodile

Hi do you know about the Philippine crocodile? well Today i am going to tell you why you should lend your voice to the philippine crocodile.

The Philippine crocodile is a very unique and endangered creatures Philippine crocodiles are an important part of the wild they are critically endangered these are my reason why they are getting endangered.



Firstly,the Philippine crocodile are endangered they are in endangered because they are being poached because of their skin.



Secondly there is under 200 Philippine crocodile left in the wild. That is not thats much at all! alot of people think they are vicious animals but they are only meant to protect their eggs.



Thirdly, the Philippine crocodile are getting affected by the global warming because their eggs gender depend on the temperature if the egg is warm it becomes a girl if it is cold it becomes a boy and if it gets too warm because of the global warming there will be only girls and if there is only girls they be enable to lay eggs which will make them all extinct!!



So thats why you want to lend your voice to, the Philippine Crocodile. The crocodile is endangered because of the poachers. There is also not eny boys because of the heat. Thats why there is only under 200 left. Help the Philippine crocodile and  lend your voice to see these creatures in the future.




cyber safety

  1. don’t tell your personal information
  2. go and tell a adult when something pops up
  3. don’t press anything that you don’t now

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