Car System

Do you ever wonder how a car works?


The engine is basically the heart of the car. In the engine there are cylinders so when you press the accelerator pedal down it puts air in it and the cylinder goes down and pushes down on the piston. The piston transfers the energy to the wheels so that is how cars go so fast. That is why cars need oil because the oil cleans the engine and reduces heat when things rub against each other.


Suspension is the springs in the car which helps you go on bumpy roads without bouncing on your seat which is safe.

The gearbox is like a bike gear but the car needs gears so the car goes smoothly and safely.


Battery powers the electrical system. That involves the dashboard, time, heater, cooler and lots more. Steering helps the car go left and right. Brakes and discs help cars stop. It sits next to the wheels.


As you know cars make pollution. When the engine burns petrol it produces waste gases, like carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. These leave the car through the exhaust and enters the air. In the exhaust there’s this thing which makes the waste gases into harmful ones.
The car system is a complicated system!

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