We went straight to the incursion. When we went we met Sally (the person who’s going to teach us). We learnt about the mouth when we had a lollie it was delicious.I learnt that when we eat sugary food they turn into energy and it won’t make you very full.Than we learnt about the peristalsis,that’s the muscular movement which makes the food pushes the food down the esophagus. After we played a game we had to push a ping pong ball down a stocking so the ball was a food and the stocking was the esophagus the winning team got a another lollie.Than we did an experiment we had to mix a bread and some water then squish it.After we continued with the experiment we added some cocoa powder and oats into the bag and extra water,we squished it more.Then we got a cup and chuck wipes for the last part.So we had to open the bag ant that was poo.After we hato come back to the floor then it was time sum up.Then we touched the disgusting pig’s small intestines,pig’s stomach and ox’s tougne.Then we went to to the toliet and washed our hands and lined up.We went back to our class.

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