My Holiday


On the holidays I had a great time. My favourite was going to a place called tree surfing you got to do heaps of things like mazes, flying foxes, tree climbing, tube sliding  and lots more. It was really scary on the tree climbing there were 5 levels on the last level there was a enormous flying  fox that was awesome because the flying foxes weren’t so scary because it was so high of the ground. I also did the tube sliding it was fast. After we went home I was sad to leave but we had to go home.

Have you been to tree surfing? Was it fun? Why?

Car System


Do you ever wonder how a car works?


The engine is basically the heart of the car. In the engine there are cylinders so when you press the accelerator pedal down it puts air in it and the cylinder goes down and pushes down on the piston. The piston transfers the energy to the wheels so that is how cars go so fast. That is why cars need oil because the oil cleans the engine and reduces heat when things rub against each other.


Suspension is the springs in the car which helps you go on bumpy roads without bouncing on your seat which is safe.

The gearbox is like a bike gear but the car needs gears so the car goes smoothly and safely.


Battery powers the electrical system. That involves the dashboard, time, heater, cooler and lots more. Steering helps the car go left and right. Brakes and discs help cars stop. It sits next to the wheels.


As you know cars make pollution. When the engine burns petrol it produces waste gases, like carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. These leave the car through the exhaust and enters the air. In the exhaust there’s this thing which makes the waste gases into harmful ones.
The car system is a complicated system!



My favourite book is the 78 storey tree house book because they are really funny and there great illustrations. My favourite part is when  andy gets angry and sad because terry doesn’t agree and terry and Jill and his friends tease him. That part is really funny and really feel sorry for Andy.

By Jun








Excursion to Royal Botanical Garden and to the Yarra River


On the 15th of Monday we went to the Royal Botanical Garden first and then to the Yarra River because we were learning about indigenous history. We did lots of activities. We did painting with rocks and water, made these really cool string thing, lit a fire and did a ceremony. We learnt heaps more but my favourite was learning about a tree insect making sugar on gum leafs. My favourite activity was touching boomerangs, possum skin and all the  indigenous history things.



We went straight to the incursion. When we went we met Sally (the person who’s going to teach us). We learnt about the mouth when we had a lollie it was delicious.I learnt that when we eat sugary food they turn into energy and it won’t make you very full.Than we learnt about the peristalsis,that’s the muscular movement which makes the food pushes the food down the esophagus. After we played a game we had to push a ping pong ball down a stocking so the ball was a food and the stocking was the esophagus the winning team got a another lollie.Than we did an experiment we had to mix a bread and some water then squish it.After we continued with the experiment we added some cocoa powder and oats into the bag and extra water,we squished it more.Then we got a cup and chuck wipes for the last part.So we had to open the bag ant that was poo.After we hato come back to the floor then it was time sum up.Then we touched the disgusting pig’s small intestines,pig’s stomach and ox’s tougne.Then we went to to the toliet and washed our hands and lined up.We went back to our class.

Sovereign Hill Excursion


Few Things I Learnt:

  • The Gold was in the town of Ballarat
  • The Welcome Nugget was one of the biggest gold nugget found!
  • Gold is INCREDIBLY heavy
  • It’s really hard find gold

My favourite memories are when:

  • I saw the the gold pour
  • I went down to the gold mine it was very dark!
  • When I got buy stuff

When I was in the 1950’s i’ll like to mine lots of GOLD!!!


Ready to learn


You come early you might get the things you need for school learning. That’s a good learning idea because if you don’t get ready. In the middle of learning you have to stand up and get the things you need. That will distract you from learning.